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A Legal Duty: The Importance Of Asbestos Management

Whether in a small retail unit or a large school or office, if the building was built or refurbished before the year 2000 then you should assume that some asbestos is present. And as the premises are non-domestic, it is the legal duty of the building owner or manager to ensure that any asbestos present is managed effectively.

Whether this is through condition monitoring, repairs or removal reducing the risk of exposure to or harm from asbestos can easily be achieved through an effective asbestos management plan.

Here at IES, we offer comprehensive asbestos management services that can help you to identify any possible damage or risk of contamination through surveying, record keeping and effective repairs or removals, which are paramount to eliminating the threats posed by asbestos.

Assess Affected Materials & Conduct A Survey

Your first step in effective asbestos management is to find any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and to assess their condition and risk. From a safety point of view, and under HSE guidelines, it’s best to avoid physically moving or examining any suspected ACMs otherwise you increase the risk of airborne fibres. Assess ACMs by walking around your premises as well as consulting any documentation, such as building plans or builders’ invoices, to identify as many potential areas of risk as possible.

The next step is to employ a HSE-accredited surveyor to physically assess the condition of any suspected ACMs. This will determine whether the materials do contain asbestos, and what their condition is like – from there, decisions can be made as to whether they need repairing, removing or are safer to be left alone.

As IES are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), we are legally able to remove suspected asbestos samples and analyse them if necessary.

Put An Asbestos Management Plan In Place

In effect, an asbestos management plan will help you deal with any asbestos present in your building in the most appropriate way, ensure detailed records are kept outlining where ACMs are found and their current condition. Finally, a health and safety procedure should be draw up detailing where asbestos is found (with clear labelling) as well as information for workers, contractors or anyone who may come into contact with ACMs.

Putting this plan into place can be massively overwhelming, as well as difficult to ensure that all legal regulations are adhered to. By choosing IES to take care of implementing your asbestos management plan, you’ll have peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

If you suspect your building may contain any asbestos or ACMs, then you need an asbestos management plan in place to deal with the risks effectively. The HSE recommend only accredited contractors carry out surveying, repair work and removal of asbestos, so call IES today on 0116 288 0000 for safe and effective asbestos management.

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