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Students Unknowingly Sleeping In Rooms With Asbestos

Over the past few years, asbestos has been featured in local and national news more or less regularly. One of the latest news stories related to this subject has a rather alarming tone, as it involves the presence of this harmful (and sometimes lethal) substance in several university bedrooms across the United Kingdom.

This issue first came to public attention two years ago, following an estimate released by the Department of Education, which suggested that nearly three quarters of all schools in the United Kingdom had been built using asbestos which, until that point, had not been removed. Under the Freedom of Information Act, The Guardian newspaper requested dozens of British universities’ details on the presence or absence of asbestos in their student accommodation facilities.

Eighty-eight institutions responded to this request for information, and thirty-eight of them (over 43 per cent) confirmed that some of their student bedrooms contained this substance.

The National Association of Teachers and Lecturers has expressed its concern over this issue, especially since it became known that a large number of students were unaware of the hazards involved. The extent of this problem is particularly worrying at institutions like the universities of Warwick and Cardiff, where thousands of rooms were affected.

The Health and Safety Executive has called for universities to implement a better asbestos management strategy in order to protect the general public and to comply with their duty of care. The potential harm that asbestos may cause cannot be overlooked, as asbestosis is now the number one cause of work-related deaths in the country. Every year, more than 4,500 people die in the UK from health issues and complications related to asbestosis.

The Importance Of Asbestos Management

There are specific requirements concerning asbestos in both public and domestic properties. The first step to comply with the regulations and to ensure that your property is safe is to carry out an asbestos survey. Here at IES Group, we employ professional asbestos surveyors, all of which are certified as per UKAS standards.

Our company has also been licensed by the Health and Safety Executive to carry out asbestos removal tasks in commercial and residential buildings. Our specialty is to provide fully comprehensive asbestos management solutions safely and causing minimal disruption to our clients. Call us today and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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