What Type of Asbestos Survey Do I Need?


There are several different kinds of asbestos surveys, from refurbishment and demolition to management and re-inspection surveys. The most appropriate survey type for you depends on the lifespan of your building and the purpose of the survey amongst other factors. 

What Does An Asbestos Survey Involve?

An asbestos survey involves a formal inspection of your property with the purpose of identifying whether or not asbestos containing materials are present, the type of asbestos and the condition they are in. The process by which this is done comprises of:

  • A sampling stage where expert surveyors collect any materials suspected to contain asbestos.
  • A testing stage where, as the name suggests, the samples collected are taken to an accredited laboratory in order to confirm or disprove any suspicions.
  • A final stage where a detailed management plan is developed in accordance with the findings of the previous stages. This can vary from having to perform an asbestos removal to leaving the asbestos undisturbed but monitored.  


What Are The Different Types of Asbestos Surveys?

There are three main types of asbestos surveys that are required to be performed by property owners in different situations. 

Management Survey

As you must have guessed already, the purpose of this survey is to manage any asbestos materials that could be damaged or being disturbed by everyday activities. Management surveys are often referred to as the “standard survey” as it is the most common type of asbestos surveys performed.

If your building was constructed before the year 2,000 there are high chances that it was built using asbestos containing materials. In this case, it is the property owner’s responsibility to arrange for a management survey to be carried out.

Demolitions & Refurbishment Survey 

If you’re planning to perform construction work on your property, you’ll be required to have a refurbishment/demolition survey carried out prior to any work. This is to ensure that no one will be harmed during the construction process by disturbing the material and inhaling the hazardous fibres it releases. 

For this survey to be performed the area needs to be completely vacated and afterwards it needs to be certified “fit for reoccupation”, otherwise no refurbishments or demolitions can take place. 

Re-Inspection Survey 

Should your property had been previously surveyed and asbestos identified, the condition of said material needs to be inspected on an annual basis. Over time asbestos degenerate and what didn’t use to represent a danger can now require a different course of action. The main objective of this type of survey is to regularly update the management plan to ensure continuous compliance and safety. 

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