Signs Your House May Have Absestos Present?

Signs Your House May Have Absestos Present?

Are you living in an older house..Did you know that the chance of asbestos in your house is at greater risk in older buildings? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if asbestos is present in your house unless you get your home checked by professionals or by an asbestos testing device.

Asbestos in your house is not a major health hazard until the asbestos materials start to get damaged. Once deteriorated, they can cause damage when inhaled which can lead to later health issues.

Should I Have My Home Tested for Asbestos?

Due to the potential health risk and dangers of asbestos in your house, asbestos surveying and testing should only be carried out by a professional accredited asbestos specialist.

Generally, having asbestos in your house is fine and safe but can be potentially hazardous if it has been tampered with and not removed correctly.

How To Detect Asbestos In Your Property?

If you are concerned about whether or not your house has asbestos, here are a few common signs of asbestos materials and build up within your home and worth considering if your house needs asbestos removal.

  • Age of House: First things first is determining the construction date of your house. If your house was built before the 1980s, it is very likely that a lot of the building materials used contain asbestos. In this era, asbestos was commonly used for floor tiles, ceilings, floor tiling and even the insulation!
  • Asbestos Pipes Made of Cement: In older homes, gas, sewage and general house pipes were sometimes made out of asbestos. These are dangerous, especially if they start to deteriorate and the asbestos can be released into the pipes
  • Vinyl Flooring: This flooring was very popular during the 1980s but the vinyl flooring materials could contain asbestos. This is why it’s important to inspect your house thoroughly to see if your house has vinyl flooring.
  • Corrugated Roofing: If your house has corrugated roofing, you may be at greater risk of asbestos exposure. If you notice your house roofing and shingles are made out of corrugated sheets, you may need to get in contact with asbestos removal specialists as soon as possible.

How Long Does It Take To Complete An Asbestos Survey?

The time required to conduct a complete asbestos survey is dependent on several factors within your house; this includes the size of your house, how old it is, the amount of suspect materials that require testing, the maintenance of the overall building and finally, the type of surveying you need.

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Now that you know some of the main issues to detect asbestos in your house, if you are concerned that there is potential asbestos build up in your home, then please let the IES group know.

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