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Asbestos surveys in the Midlands

Insulation & Environmental Service Ltd (IES) work alongside Clearview Environmental Ltd, a UKAS accredited inspection body (UKAS No. 6536), to offer comprehensive asbestos surveys for both domestic and commercial properties. We have been established since 1991 and have since built up a wealth of experience in the industry. We have become renowned for offering high quality and professional asbestos surveys and removals throughout the Midlands.

All types of Asbestos Surveys

We offer all types of asbestos surveys. Whether you need a regular management survey, where we locate the presence of any asbestos or a more complex bulk sampling where we can take samples and analyse them for you, IES can help. Take a look below to see all the types of surveys that we offer.

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We offer all types of asbestos surveys

We are an all in one solution for asbestos surveys. We can locate any suspected asbestos within a building or even survey an area before any refurbishment or demolition work is carried out.

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Management survey

Considered a standard survey, the purpose of a management survey is to locate the presence of any asbestos that could be disturbed or damaged during day to day activities.

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Refurbishment survey

A refurbishment survey is needed before any refurbishment work has taken place. This survey is used to locate any risks throughout the area where the refurbishment work is due to take place.

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Demolition survey

A demolition survey is needed before any demolition work has taken place. This survey is used to locate any risks throughout the area where the demolition work is due to take place.

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Re-inspection survey

Re-inspection surveys are used to re-inspect any previously surveyed property where materials containing asbestos had been found so that the information and course of action can be updated.

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Bulk sampling

If you have any materials within your property that you suspect of containing asbestos, we are fully accredited to take these samples and analyse them for you.

Do I have asbestos in my house?

If your house or workplace was built or renovated before the year 2000, there is a chance asbestos could have been used in the building. If you are concerned about potential asbestos in your home or workplace, feel free to contact us to learn more about our asbestos surveying service. We can take the stress out of the situation and manage the whole survey from start to finish.

Encapsulation & Reinstatement

Occasionally when a survey is conducted, our team will identify asbestos which contains materials that are in a suitable condition to leave in place (when degradation can be prevented). Depending on the location and the condition, it can be protected by constructing a safe barrier which is placed around the ACM “asbestos containing materials” to ensure further damage and release of asbestos fibros is controlled. If you would like to find out more or request a survey, please get in touch today via 0116 288 0000.


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